From the elegant Grand Ballroom to the completely equipped Corporate Rooms to intimate breakfasts or sit-down dinners for up to 1,200 guests, Savannah Center offers gracious service and the warmth of Southern hospitality. We offer special amenities for wedding parties. The Bride and her Ladies will enjoy private parlors while preparing for the ceremony. The Groom and his Men have bachelor pads. For small meetings or large seminars, our Corporate Guests have state-of-the-art technology to suit their needs.

Fronted by a charming gazebo and two garden settings, our five acre lake is beautiful – and important – because it is used to heat and cool the entire Center with our geothermal system.



Through a partnership with Prestige Audio Visual, we can offer turn key services such as:

Audiovisual and Staging Services

Event Planning, Management and Production

Video Documenting Services


Our Staff

  • Mary Burns

    Mary Burns

    Sales Manager
    (513) 977-5940 Email
  • Chef Henry Warman

    Chef Henry Warman

    Executive Chef
    (513) 977-5946
  • Steve Dawkins

    Steve Dawkins

    General Manager
    (513) 977-5941 Email


By utilizing state-of-the-art geo-thermal technology, Savannah Center’s carbon footprint is up to 60% less than a traditional building heated and cooled by fossil fuel.

Several rooms are on motion sensor switches. Lights will only go on when someone enters the room. When no motion is detected, all lights will turn off.

The Heating, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration are all provided via geo-thermal energy.

All Savannah Center motors are variable speed providing power only when necessary.

Fluorescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs are in use throughout the Savannah Center.

Kitchen exhausts are temperature controlled. Exhaust is drawn out as the warm air rises. As it cools down, the exhaust fan is reduced.

Savannah Center HVAC systems exhaust stale air. Incoming fresh air is heated or cooled by the exhausted air thus making the HVAC systems 80% more efficient for reclaiming energy.

Savannah Center’s lawn & landscape irrigation system utilizes storm water run-off taken directly from the 5 acre lake. No waste occurs as all water not absorbed by the landscaping returns back to the lake.


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